Stimerex-ES with Ephedra
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• Most Powerful, Thermogenic, Energy Boost Formula Ever Created
• Incorporates 25mg of Hi-Tech's Legal Thermo-Z™ Ephedra Extract

Stimerex-ES® (Extra Strength), the "Black Diamond," is undeniably the most powerful, fat loss and energy boost formula ever created or even conceived. Stimerex-ES® with 25mg Thermo-Z™ Ephedra extract also contains Thermo-Rx® which incorporates a proprietary alkaloid composition from Acacia rigidula.

Stimerex-ES® exerts its mechanism of action through several metabolic pathways that result in fat loss. The active components in Stimerex-ES® cause an increase in lipolysis, thermogenesis, fat mobilization, fat cell DNA and mitochondrial signaling, and a decrease in lipogenesis. Stimerex-ES® is a powerful fat loss masterpiece. Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals is definitely "Back in Black!" with Stimerex-ES®

Nutrition Facts

Stimerex-ES w/ ephedra
90 tablets



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