SPARQ Training System 2.0
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Gain speed, power, and quickness by adding any of the Nike SPARQ Training System 2.0 components to your strength and resistance training workouts.

Parachute: Large parachute's drag is equal to 25 lbs of force. Designed with heavy duty material for improved durability.

Speed Hurdles: (Set of six) Innovative design adjustable to 6" and 12" and collapses flat for easy transport and storage. Stable and lightweight design of durable ABS springs back into shape when stepped on.

Speed Ladder: Six-rung Speed Ladder has large foot boxes and shatter proof rigid rungs that always lie flat. Inflexible runners keep rungs evenly spaced during use, reducing time resetting the ladder between drills.

Speed Discs: (Set of 12) Green Speed Discs provide high contrast against outdoor training surfaces.

Power Bands: Basic, Medium, and Heavy Power Bands provide three different levels of resistance.

Training Bag: Holds entire Training System. Integrated ergonomic shoulder strap for easy portability and heavy duty cord lock for secure closure.

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