Nike SB Dunk Low Premium Black & Tan Beer
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SKU: NikeDunkBeer

Nike SB Dunk Low Pro Midnight Fog - Navy

Style #: 313170-270

Colorway: Black / Midnight Fog – Navy



The black and tan is inspired by the beer based drink that mixes pale ale and stout known as a “Black & Tan”. The shoe is part of the Nike SB‘s March 2012 collection, and might even have some ties to St. Patrick’s Day, as the drink is made with Irish-based Guinness.


The shoe sports a combination of leather, suede, and leather, all the while sporting several hues including black, brown, and yellow. Nike recently got itself in a bit of hot water after it was brought to their attention that the new Nike Dunk Low “Black and Tans” launching in celebration of St. Patrick’s day are actually quite offensive to the Irish. According to Mail Online, the “Black and Tans” were “a notorious British paramilitary unit sent to Ireland to suppress revolt in the 1920s.” “Although only deployed from 1920 to 1922, nationalist Ireland still associates the Black and Tans with murder, brutality, massacre and indiscipline in the years leading to southern Ireland’s independence. ” One was even quoted as saying “calling the shoe “Black and Tans” is equivalent to calling them Al Queda”


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